The Meaning of Dreams


‘Only the dreamer knows the true meaning of his dreams.’ Edgar Cayce

Some people believe dreams act as prophecies, whilst others believe they are trying to tell us something about our lives. Dreams have been said to reveal aspects of our past (often long forgotten) as well as matter lurking in our unconscious mind. In Ancient Greece, priests would analyse people’s dreams then provide them with remedies and advice.

Symbols in our dreams

Thousands of books have been published in an attempt to aid people in interpreting their dreams. Such books are based on the idea that dreams contain many symbols that mean something more than what is given at face value. The books buku mimpi 2d provide meaning to the dream which generally tells you something about what is going to happen in your future.

For example, in one book, to dream of drinking water was said to indicate poverty is on its way. Yet dreaming of winter indicates financial success. So, what if you are dreaming of drinking water in winter? Such books ignore the complexity of dreams and are problematic because they do not know anything about the person’s life. We all are unique and as such our dreams are too. Far-reaching assumptions are made about a person’s life.

An additional concern is such books reduce the element of control in a person’s life. A person has a dream, looks it up in their dream book, are told that such and such will happen, take the words to heart, then sits back and waits for it to happen.

Symbols in dreams (if there are any) must be looked at subjectively. It is up to the dreamer to decide if they mean anything to them — perhaps with the help of a therapist. Your dreams can have great meaning to you and there are active rather than passive ways you can use your dreams.

Can dreams predict the future?

Sometimes you hear stories of people who received a warning in a dream, which changed the course of their day. For example, people who saw a plane crash in their dream decided not to fly the next day and then the plane subsequently crashed.

What is the reasoning behind this? Given the huge amount of dreams we have in a lifetime, it is quite probable that something may eventually happen that corresponds to the dream. Also, fears expressed in a dream about an event you are considering may prompt you not to act. After all, a plane crashing is something people do fear and is something that does happen. As you will have experienced, dreams can sometimes be highly emotive and do have an impact on your actions the next day.